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Who we are? is a global business initiative specialising in bench advertising, which is a growing multi-billion euro industry. It has invented innovative, and unique Bench digital signage, appropriate for out-of-home advertising. Now, is franchising their expertise to allow franchisees an opportunity to share their vision of the future of advertising, which helps local community growth and brings a substantial income to the franchisee. Only franchisees are entitled to strategically position and manage Benches in their local community, and to sell advertising slots to other businesses.

What do we do?

Are you wondering what Benchvertising is? It is an advertising display on a city bench, used to show an advertiser`s product or service. It is a new and innovative way of digital-out-of-home (DOOH) advertising - Benchvertising. Benchvertising`s social influence is immense, it revolutionises the traditional bench, by bringing people together, giving soul to the green and other areas in local communities and making money for Bench owners. Bench is producing profits as well as tremendous excitement in many communities.

What is so special about Bench?

Our digital, modern, functional, easily-installed and highly-resistant Bench has gained wide community acceptance. It is produced with great care, made from high quality materials. A design with clean and decisive lines, ideal for public spaces, parks, and other community areas. With its elegance and wrap-around feeling of comfort, Bench provides unrivalled comfort for all pedestrians.

But we cannot do it all by ourselves. We need you to franchise and spread our idea into your own community!

Tel: +387 61 145 356

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