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CHARGit is a pioneering technology that allows for unlimited clean and convenient wireless charging in any environment where power is needed for smartphones, tablets, laptops and all micro USB devices.

Launched in 2017, CHARGit provides wireless charging capability to a range of industries including hospitality, exhibitions, retail, corporate and more. CHARGit`s unique APP also helps users to identify charging locations, increasing both footfall and dwell time for venues.

With society increasingly dependent on mobile devices, and with devices evolving with ever more advanced feature-sets, battery life has become a significant issue and additional cause of stress in our lives.

75% of smartphone users charge their phone at least once a day, with 30% needing to charge at least every few hours. Consequently, our focus at CHARGit is to create the next generation of a power infrastructure, allowing mobile users the opportunity to power their devices easily and everywhere.

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