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Not all fat digesters are the same.... Stopblox actually works!

Stopblox is the most effective biological treatment on the market, it stops the build-up of Fat Oil & Grease and prevents blockages.
A guaranteed solution for any foodservice business with persistent FOG problems and high costs of FOG management.

Are all fat digesters are the same? The description `Fat Digester` is misleading as the majority if not all products do not actually digest fat, they simply break it down allowing it to flow away; FOG remains undigested and accumulates again in kitchen pipework and causes blockages downstream in drains.

Not to be compared with any other treatment - Stopblox actually digests FOG. Not offered by any other company, Stopblox is a totally unique and naturally effective technology - Stopblox uses live cultures of totally safe & stabilised Pseudomonas bacteria.
(Not the dead stuff that is Bacillus bacteria or enzymes)

Foodservice businesses continue to suffer the unnecessary expense and risks of blocked drains, odour and hygiene problems caused by Fat Oil & Grease; after the expense of grease equipment and fat digesters, why do blockages still occur?
The Stopblox team are working in partnership with Auditel and Three Nations; launching Fogcheck to enable foodservice businesses make more informed and effective purchase decisions to minimise the legal, financial, Health & Safety, environmental and reputational risks of FOG.

Not to be compared with any other treatment.
Reduces costs and risk.
Prevents Blockages & Odour.
Keeps pipes and drains free flowing .
Stopblox start working instantly (Unlike all other fat digesters),
Safe Natural and very powerful.
Small amounts regularly by bottle or Autoflow.
Works with any Grease trap or recovery Unit.
Digests FOG from dishwashers.
No damage to drains.
Fully Compliant with Regulations.

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