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Not all fat digesters are the same.... Stopblox actually works!

Stopblox is the most effective biological treatment on the market, it stops the build-up of Fat, Oil & Grease and prevents blockages. A guaranteed solution for any foodservice business with persistent FOG problems and high costs of FOG management.

Are all fat digesters are the same? The description `Fat Digester` is misleading, as the majority if not all products do not actually digest fat, they simply break it down allowing it to flow away; FOG remains undigested and accumulates again in kitchen pipework and causes blockages downstream in drains.

Not to be compared with any other treatment - Stopblox actually digests FOG. Not offered by any other company, Stopblox is a totally unique and naturally effective technology - Stopblox uses live cultures of totally safe & stabilised Pseudomonas bacteria. (Not the dead stuff - that is Bacillus bacteria or enzymes).

Foodservice businesses continue to suffer the unnecessary expense and risks of blocked drains, odour and hygiene problems caused by Fat, Oil & Grease; after the expense of grease equipment and fat digesters, why do blockages still occur?

The Stopblox team are working in partnership with Auditel & Three Nations; launching Fogcheck to enable foodservice businesses make more informed and effective purchase decisions to minimise the Legal, Financial, Health & Safety, Environmental and Reputational Risks of FOG.

Stopblox is the UK`s number One FOG Treatment, not to be compared with any other:

• Reduces Costs & Risk
• Prevents Blockages & Odour
• Keeps Pipes & Drains free flowing
• Stopblox starts working instantly (unlike all other fat digesters)
• Safe, Natural & Very Powerful
• Small amounts regularly by bottle or Autoflow
• Works with any Grease Trap or Recovery Unit
• Digests FOG from Dishwashers
• No Damage to Drains
• Fully Compliant with Regulations

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