The Delivery Zone At The Takeaway Innovation Expo

The Delivery Zone

In the past few years, delivery has exploded with more restaurants providing the option to their customers; that’s why we have the Delivery Zone, sponsored by OTL Solutions/Omega Bikes. This is an area of the exhibition dedicated to delivery, and which includes suppliers of the transport to get your food to the hungry customer, and the packaging to keep it safe along the way.

Across both days of the show you’ll find a wealth of information and guidance on the best delivery options for you. For example, if you’re looking to enhance your deliveries and staffing challenges, then OTL Solutions/Omega Bikes’ stand will be able to give you the guidance you need to hear; alternatively, if you’re after the technological solutions to get your food to your customers then eGen, suppliers of environmentally friendly transport solutions, will provide the service you require.

Elsewhere, you will be able to find numerous manufacturers of innovative packaging solutions, such as Sweetheat, the award winning heated delivery bags supplier, and Pro Plus Creative, who provide leading edge solutions in food delivery bags and packaging. If you’re thinking of adding a delivery service to your business, then the Takeaway Innovation Expo has everything you need.

  • Craftis Ltd: Delivery Zone Exhibitor

    Craftis Ltd

    Stand No: 880

    Crafti's are showcasing exciting new children's activity packs, tabletop activities and meal packaging solutions. We welcome buyers to come along to... [more]

  • Delivery Mates: Delivery Zone Exhibitor

    Delivery Mates

    Stand No: 960

    The fastest Delivery Company On-Demand for Online Retailers in London. When customers order,`next day delivery` is no longer fast enough; they... [more]

  • Doble Motorcycles: Delivery Zone Exhibitor

    Doble Motorcycles

    Stand No: 974

    Doble Motorcycles are the UK's largest solus Honda dealer and have reaffirmed their position once more after being named at Motorcycle... [more]

  • MCE Insurance: Delivery Zone Exhibitor

    MCE Insurance

    Stand No: 882

    MCE Insurance is the market leader in fast food delivery and courier insurance. Covering both single rider and fleet insurance our... [more]

  • Sweetheat Technology Limited: Delivery Zone Exhibitor

    Sweetheat Technology Limited

    Stand No: 982

    Sweetheat Technology Limited of Dewsbury manufacture its award winning SWEETHEAT HEATED DELIVERY BAGS SYSTEM for the Home Delivery Market. Sweetheat Bags ensure... [more]

    Delivery Mates

    The fastest delivery company on-demand for online retailers in London. When customers order, ‘next day delivery` is no longer fast enough; they want their goods there and then. We are able to provide a qualified express service, delivering within the hour and making your clients happier in less time.

    Online retailers come to us because their competition is gaining market share, their current couriers are letting them down, or they are looking for a way to differentiate themselves with consumers. Our fleet of 350 scooters within the M25 allows your business to compete with even the biggest eCommerce companies.

    If you`re not yet online, you are probably feeling the pinch as consumers increasingly shop over the Internet. We can make it easy for you to establish a successful online presence. Not only will your customers be able to book deliveries through our unique platform, taking the hassle off your hands, we can show you how to structure your online operations to deliver maximum profit.