At last! An app that enables you to get customers OUT of your restaurant!

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Have you ever given that question any thought? If you haven’t-and you believe there is any relationship between customers being happy and you making money-then you may be interested to know that when surveyed, nearly 9 out of 10 people complain about the wait time to be served their food, including the time it takes to receive their bill!

If you think about it, there are lots of situations where customers could really benefit from cutting their wait time. The “hangry” people, who need to eat…NOW (you don’t want to be around one of them for long), the busy workers on hectic business lunches, families with fidgety kids, trying gallantly to resist the temptation to hand over the ipads, people going to the theatre or the cinema, constantly checking their watches as they’re worried they’ll be late, and many more besides. 

So what’s the answer I hear you ask? Well, our new app, time2dine, allows customers to pre-book, pre-order and pre-pay. Clever technology within the restaurant kitchen allows the chef to keep track of the customer’s journey to the restaurant. Arrive, sit down, eat and leave. Simple. A restaurant experience with the convenience of takeaway.

Time2dine will result in happier customers who will become regulars, faster table turnaround, higher profit, and more efficient use of waiting staff. 

Not only that, but those nightmare no-shows and last minute cancellations will no longer be the headache they currently are. We’ll fill those empty tables for you. The app. will message users nearby, offering an agreed discount if they confirm they can reach your restaurant within a certain time limit. Of course since the time2dine customers will often have pre-paid, the chances of no-shows and cancellations are already vastly reduced…you’re welcome!

On top of all that, we can offer you excellent marketing opportunities. As a restaurant subscriber, you’ll have access to your own portal. Target customers based on their average spend, food preferences, location. You set the offer to suit, and watch the results. Personalisation is the next big thing, be ahead of the game.

Restaurant Tech Live is the perfect opportunity for you to come and see time2dine in action. Head over to stand 4130 where the Migsoft team will be happy to answer your questions. Help your customers spend less time waiting and enjoying more time to dine.

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