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25 & 26 SEPT


How Important is Mobile Marketing?

The traditional Guest WiFi journey for bars, cafés, and restaurants is that your customer walks in, uses the WiFi and walks out, never leaving a trace. If you don’t have smart Guest WiFi like BLACKBX, are you missing the chance to market to your best customers first?

In a recent survey, nearly 80% of consumers are influenced by the availability of guest WiFi when deciding where to shop. Guest WiFi in the hospitality / retail arena, is fast-becoming “table-stakes”. Hospitality businesses that do not offer free customer Wi-F at all are losing competitive edge to these ones that do.

Smartphones are by themselves reaching 50% of all time digital media time spent, and the time is used not only for web browsing, but also social interactions, research, and even purchases.

With BLACKBX, Smart Social WiFi, not only can you provide your customers with a great WiFi experience, you can market your business to those customers PLUS when your guests are taken to your Facebook page, they are promoting your business to their friends, without you having to do anything.

People use their phones all the time. Look around any cafe, restaurant or bar and it’s easy to find multiple people looking at their smartphones. A recent Barclays’ Bank Report in to the future of Mobile (M) Commerce, listed WiFi in-store, as one of the 6 strategies for success for retailers engaging with the M- Commerce generation. Why not use that to your business’s advantage and market to your best customers with loyalty programs, special offers or discounts, while your customers are on-premise?

Recently featured in Insider Trends, Top 50 Retail Tech-Start Ups, Worldwide, BLACKBX provides a cost effective solution to offer your guests a great WiFi experience and gather information over WiFi. Your customers can log-in through a branded and customisable splash screen allowing you to get real time information about customers. Track new / return visits, identify peak visit times, create customer mailing lists and generate revenue through offers, loyalty programmes etc. plus as an accredited member of the government-backed Digital Friendly WiFi Scheme using BLACKBXs the seal of approval to let your customers know your WiFi is safe.

With BLACKBX Guest WiFi you can market to your best customers first and they, in turn, can help promote your business. There is no denying that it is a smart business decision and when the money is flowing you’ll know with BLACKBX you’ve made the right guest WiFi and marketing choice.


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