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KFC significantly increased the quantity and quality of candidates

KFC further explain how the system is more user friendly than their previous. It’s easier for candidates to apply for vacancies and for recruiters to easily manage and engage with candidates.

“Since using TribePad we’ve already seen an increase in the number, and the quality of candidates applying for our vacancies. As a result of this there is a less of a need to use job boards.” 

The Challenge

KFC used an alternative ATS before signing with TribePad in 2015. The recruitment team at KFC faced many challenges including:

  • Time wasted due to no automation and minimal templates

  • Inability to personalise templates, to improve the brand messaging

  • Inability to track the return on investment

  • No talent pooling and locating candidates on the system was difficult

  • Negative candidate experience; difficulty applying for vacancies

  • Low levels of candidate engagement; no social media integration, no job alerts

  • Inability to track recruiter performance

  • Lack of mobile support

The TribePad Solution

  • Talent Pooling: Enables recruiters to locate talent quicker and easier, plus maintain the levels of engagement with candidates until placed in a future role.

  • Insights: Centralised reporting system allows Managers to track recruiter performance, whilst identifying the return on investment from job boards.

  • Groups and Communities: Candidates have the ability to engage with recruiters and other candidates. Recruiters can use these communities to share information such as careers fairs, new vacancies or even insights into the company.

  • Templates: TribePad gives recruiters the ability to use and personalise templates for questionnaires and job listings, improving the brand image and messaging.

  • Social Media Integration: Candidates have the ability to register for an account using their social media profiles. This improves the application process from the start, auto-filling information such as their name, email address and age.

“We have an amazing relationship with TribePad. They’re extremely efficient, reliable and are a friendly and approachable team. The training we’ve received has been great too. We love having face to face meetings and how we’re kept up to date with new feature releases”


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