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26 & 27 NOV 2019


New Study Finds That Restaurants are Prioritizing Omni-Experience in 2017

As part of their 2017 Restaurant Technology Survey, Hospitality Technology quizzed operators on the innovations they were looking to implement for 2017. The results were indicative of the industry's desire to digitally transform their services. 

Mobile payment has proven to be one of the top priorities, resulting from the increasing popularity of mobile apps and incentivized by the need to gain customer loyalty. 

Slightly lower in the pecking order were several initiatives concerning ordering and delivery. As restaurants across the board are looking to allow their guests to order and interact where and whenever they want, several technologies have become to dominate the market, particularly in comparison to 2016. Notably, tableside ordering devices were found to be a priority for 41% of operators in 2017, compared to last year’s 17%.

Hotel Technology also asked operators to specify the functions that they believed were must-haves for the POS. Their responses reveal the fact that restaurants are now favoring omni experience as mobile payment , using other channels to manage orders and CRM came out on top as industry must haves. 

In light of these recent findings, there’s no better time to head down to Restaurant Tech Live as you’ll find a whole host of the industry must-haves, as aforementioned, in touching distance, including the likes of 5Loyalty, specialists in operating branded app-based loyalty programmes and OrderZing, who provide a cutting edge mobile web ordering and payment platform.