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26 & 27 NOV 2019


The New Standard for Restaurant Experience

With the imminent arrival of McDonalds self-ordering kiosks to Europe, restaurant business owners and managers seek to enhance their service and customer experience to fit the newly discovered market needs. Is the main focus of this wave of change targeting only the quick service restaurant industry or there is more to this?

For the moment, the immediate impact is seen only on quick restaurant service industry. However, we’re about to see the industry’s biggest change since the apparition of the first restaurant, and that’s right before the French Revolution, 228 years ago. Not much has been changed since then, guests wait to be seated, wait to order and wait to pay. Right now, technology promises the next revolution. So, how come there is more to it since this is a niche tool? Well according to statistics 68 million people per day eat at a McDonalds.

Obviously this 68 million people per day will get used to faster ordering, no more mistakes on their order, since they are the ones that are actually placing it and on top of that, they have the option of fully customizing it.

Now let’s presume 10% of these people go on a date at a casual dine restaurant, and 10% of them go to a restaurant and eat for a business meeting. If only 20% of those people go at a restaurant to eat, you will have 13.6 million people per day that from their perspective will be served slower, with lower possibilities of customizing their order and some of them might even have their orders badly served. This is not because restaurants are providing a bad service, this is because McDonalds set a higher standard for restaurants to follow using their current technology.

So, yes, there is more to it. Diners will get used to the new ordering system, and will soon demand it as a standard, even when eating at a casual dine restaurant.