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26 & 27 NOV 2019


UK named as the top European target for Hotel Investment

European hotel investors have named the UK as the top European target for hotel investment in 2017. Global property advisor CBRE conducted a recent survey, revealing that respondents considered the UK to be the most attractive market in Europe for hotel investment. 

It also produced a range of encouraging statistics including, 87% of respondents are planning to invest even more into hotel real estate in 2017. In fact, across the board the statistics replicate a growing confidence in the real estate market for years to come, which is considerably relevant in a time of post-referendum slump.  Thus, highlighting the importance of jumping in on this unprecedented opportunity of investing in a fruitful market before it takes off, leaving you behind. Discovering the latest innovation and technology to hit this market, is more important than ever before, the industry is booming- and it’s not stopping there!

This survey follows clear results of 2016 showcasing the UK is the digital capital of Europe, and a clear leader when it comes to tech investment, digital skills and innovative collaborations. In 2016, UK digital tech investment reached 6.8billion, which calculates as 50% higher than any other European country. The hotel technology industry is one of the fastest growing competitive markets in the world, and the global news is flooded with articles on the latest systems, products and services that are breaking ground in the hotel sector. 

Hence, why when asked what hotel investors thought was the greatest opportunity to European hotel investment in 2017, almost 20% claimed economic growth was at the core followed by the cost and availability of debt. The market is showing a steep incline in development, fuelled by innovation and technology. 

Miles Gibson, head of UK research at CBRE, said: “2017 will see some complex opening manoeuvres in the Brexit negotiation, not least because of the potential for some twists and turns in European politics too. Brexit will take time but the wheels of the economy will still turn and there is no doubt that the UK’s particularly strong economic fundamentals will further underpin investor confidence in purchasing UK property.”

The survey was conducted by CBRE, and based on answers from 485 respondents all of which are real estate investors with a particular interest in hotels.