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26 & 27 NOV 2019


LaLiT London Hotel Opts For CHARGit’s Pioneering Wireless charging

A luxury hotel in London has opted to install the latest development in wireless charging, as it provides guests with convenient, ultra-modern charging facilities that will enhance the guest experience.

CHARGit, which was launched in March this year, allows for multiple devices, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, to charge simultaneously, through a surface without the need for plug cables, offering ease of use for consumers and a new service offering for businesses. 

LaLiT London has installed charging zones (known as CHARGzones) at its reception desks, in two meeting rooms, its headmasters lounge and teachers lounges, the restaurant and also in the spa and gym. Plans are in place to roll out CHARGzone’s in all of the hotel’s suites.

Tiago Stattmiller of LaLiT London said: “As a luxury hotel in the heart of London we want to be able to offer our guests the very best experience. This applies to the entirety of our offering; the customer service, the food, the décor. We aim to be the very height in luxury. Implementing cutting edge technology such as CHARGit within our hotel allows us to differentiate ourselves and set us apart in what is a very competitive market.”


Tiago added: “With CHARGit’s wireless charging technology being a relatively new concept, we know it will be something our guests will recognise and appreciate. The ease of use is a key part of what it has to offer, as we want our guests to have an enjoyable, relaxing and stress free stay. We are particularly attractive to international travellers, and the fact that CHARGit removes the need for travel plug adaptors is another key benefit.”

CHARGit’s technology works by fitting a unit under a table or counter surface to create a charging zone, known as a CHARGzone. This zone can then charge multiple devices at once, simply by placing them within it. Compatible devices need only be placed within the CHARGzone to charge, while non-compatible devices can have a CHARGkey added, providing them with the same function. No precise alignment is needed for charging to begin. 

The fitted unit, known as a CHARGhub, is a ‘through surface transmitter’ that can be installed to the bottom of any non-metallic surface (a wooden table or counter for example). There is no need for core-drilling, which can potentially damage aesthetics/décor, with the unit only needing to be screwed in place.

For devices that don’t have wireless charging capability already installed, a CHARGkey is necessary, which acts in a similar fashion to a key fob. Having a CHARGkey plugged into a smartphone, tablet or laptop’s USB/charging port allows it to charge wirelessly.

LaLiT will also have its location listed on the CHARGit app. App users will be alerted when they are near a CHARGit location – and be directed to the venue to top up their power. Users will choose a location because of convenience, a promotion that a venue is offering (via the app) or just simply by time of day. CHARGit helps to drive footfall, increase dwell time and gives users a better customer experience. 

CHARGit will also be able to feed back to LaLiT who, when, and how long these users were in their locations. This gives the hotel a unique method of speaking directly to guests, providing loyalty offers, promotions and so on, allowing a relationship to develop.

Hayley Freedman, Director of CHARGit said: “The great thing about wireless charging technology in its present state is that it offers something new. Most guests checking into LaLiT London won’t have encountered it before, so it will be a new experience for them, making their stay more memorable.”

She added: “LaLiT London is currently ahead of the curve, but it won’t be long until wireless charging becomes a standard offering across the full spectrum of businesses and venues. LaLiT will then be in the advantageous position of already having the infrastructure in place, but having already had the benefits associated with offering it ahead of rival hotels.”

Hayley concluded: “Wireless charging is the next evolution in mobile technology and it’s fantastic to see luxury venues and brands such as LaLiT getting behind it.”



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