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26 & 27 NOV 2019


German Restaurant VA Startup Seatris enters UK to expand

Seatris, a German startup company offering a web-based restaurant management software with machine learning technology to help restaurants be more profitable through secure bookings, smart match-making waitlist and automatic table reseating algorithms is expanding to the UK. With its approach the company is addressing some of the hospitality industry's most crucial problems.

“In times where restaurants who depend on online reservations only have profit margins around 3-4% per table, last-minute cancellations and no-shows are threatening and technology is needed to ensure the business model is profitable,” said Vivien Richter, CEO of Seatris, who has been a restaurant manager herself before starting the company. “The industry needs new solutions to cope with the challenges, therefore we’re working very closely with our clients and develop solutions side-by-side to make a positive impact  in our client’s business performance, ” Richter adds.

With initial top clients in Europe such as MRAZ & SOHN, Vienna (2 Michelin Stars),  einsunternull (1 Michelin Star) in Berlin the tech company is now aiming for partnerships with UK’s top restaurants.

“We are very excited to welcome the opportunities ahead to work together with great chefs and top restaurants across UK to further digitalize the industry and innovate the way our clients communicate with their local and international guests. Our vision is to optimize restaurant's daily operations by developing a virtual assistant which eases the friction between the reservation process, no-shows and last-minute cancellations.” said Chris Franke, CMO of Seatris. Franke has launched tech products in Asia and Europe before.

The software also helps to overcome another major issue the industry has, long working hours. Due to the automated waitlist the restaurant staff has less needs to  call up on potential guests on short notice to refill cancelled tables. 

"Seatris automated waitlist allows us to collect more interested diners and reduces our daily operations by several hours. Hours we can focus on taking care of our guests instead," said Ivo Ebert, Owner of einsunternull. 

Going forward, Seatris is certainly aiming to become the first virtual assistant for restaurants by not only helping their clients to ease operations but to understand the behavior of their guests and build better relationships with them. Seatris has now opened its doors to fine- and casual dining restaurants as well as hotels in UK. 

According to Martina Schlager, COO of Seatris, the next version of Seatris will come in the form of a system which is able to predict capacity scenarios based on behavioral data which allows the system to offer better operational choices for the restaurant manager to apply as well as automated marketing features.

“Building the next generation hospitality real-time AI that elevates and improves the way restaurant professionals manage their business. This is not only a wonderful challenge, but a calling that impacts a restaurant's success as well as the customer experience,” said Schlager.

The company has also made a clear path for their future to make a difference in the hospitality industry. By bringing together an experienced team of hospitality experts, tech startup founders and business transformation specialists Seatris is up for the challenge to innovate its new markets.

About Seatris: 

Seatris is a web-based restaurant management software to help restaurants increase revenue and save time by becoming the virtual assistant for daily operations through machine learning technology.

Founded by Vivien Richter, CEO, Seatris is a hospitality tech startup based in Berlin. The three-year-old company received its seed funding from friends & family and starts soon fundraising for series-A. Its team is comprised of former Michelin starred restaurant managers, machine learning engineers and startup enthusiasts. Seatris has applied for several patents for its technology. Lately former unit director of ADP Martina Schlager has joined Seatris as its COO as well as former COO of YesBoss GROUP Chris Franke is completing the management team as its CMO. 

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