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26 & 27 NOV 2019


Five Hospitality Startups to Look Out for in 2017

With the industry now brimming with hospitality and travel startups it can be hard for them to differentiate themselves from the crowd and even harder for consumers to know which one’s worth their time.

Here’s a short list of five recent startups that could be on the brink of making it big in the travel industry, featuring none other than the headline sponsor of Restaurant Tech Live, NextMenu, who will be exhibiting at this year's show, so be sure to swing by stand 2142 to check out their work!


NextMenu is the brainchild of Next Generation Interactive (NGi), a new company founded by Tibor Barna, operating as an all in one digital menu, POS and restaurant communication solution.

The innovative restaurant management system was founded in order to change the 21st Century restaurant experience and eliminate delays in responding to customer needs and boost venue service efficiency. It achieves this by providing a talking menu that communicates to your kitchen, even hailing the waiter if your drink needs topping up, efficiently notifying staff of their customer’s needs, ensuring customer satisfaction.  It also provides a payment method saving customers from having to wait for their check. 

The startup was nominated for a Restaurant Tech Innovation Award 2016, at Restaurant Tech Live, part of a series of accolades celebrating the innovation and groundbreaking technologies that have made an outstanding impact on the food industry in the past 12 months. The awards are set to run again at this year’s show, which is dedicated to the emerging technologies that are forming the future of the restaurant industry, so stay tuned in the lead-up to the event to find out who’s made their mark on the industry this year.

NextMenu will be showcasing their cutting edge restaurant management system at Restaurant Tech Live, on the 26th and 27th September. Head to stand 2142 to touch, test and see their revolutionary restaurant management system and the services it can offer you for yourself.


RoomChecking provides a smart operational platform helping hoteliers to optimize housekeeping and maintenance, dealing with everything from assigning housekeeping staff based on such things as workload to maintenance personnel getting real-time alerts. 

The company was founded in 2012, in Paris,  by Emile Lugassy and current CEO Jonathan Weizman and has since gone on to secure an $800k plus seed round from big names such as  Astotel Group, BPI services and Mauriece Hurrand Hotels. 


GuestViews is a French startup, founded in 2013, by Alizée Doumerc and Camille Caubrière, and prides itself on providing ‘’real-time customer knowledge for physical venues”. GuestViews has since developed into a customizable application for tables that obtains customer intelligence for the tourism industry.

The startup essentially provides visitors of tourist attractions, hotels and shops with a digital guest book, enabling establishment owners to gain access to valuable customer data via the GuestRoom CRM analysis and projection aspect or dashboard. The startup has already got off to a flying start, managing to secure partnerships with the likes of the Louvre, the Pantheon and the MuCEM.


Getabed is an accommodation service, founded by Mauricio Madrigal and Alex Galind, ultimately providing a marketplace that connects hotels with a community of budget travellers who will be staying without amenities from 9pm to 9am.

So far, the service only operates in Mexico, offering rooms in over 200 hotels across 20 mexican cities. The CEO has said that the company’s main target will be the demographic it no doubt appeals the most to, millennials. 

The startup provides travelers with an opportunity to customize and personalize their experience by adding only the things they want or need, in the style of a la carte menu selection. Currently, the startup has secured $440,000 in seed funding.


Founded in 2016, by Themis Anthrakopoulos, HotelMate functions as a hotel employee reward programme, providing an alternative booking platform for hotels, that offers discounted rooms at member hotels exclusively to full and part-time employees, upon registration.

Only the employees of member hotels on HotelMate are eligible to make bookings at industry discounted rates, for their friends and families. Hotel associates must be actively employed to be eligible for HotelMateRates.


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