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26 & 27 NOV 2019


Preferred Hotels launch Customer Loyalty App

Personalised apps for hotels are filling the customer interaction gaps. Preferred Hotels and resorts have launched iPrefer - a mobile app and member rate programme, focussing on their points-based rewards programme. The apps focal point is to directly grow preference from on-the-go travel planning, alongside time reduction. In a nutshell, the app will enhance the overall experience before, during and after every stay. 

“The new mobile app and member rate programme are designed to better connect today’s travellers with the unique appeal of the independent hotel experience through a seamless loyalty programme that delivers exclusive, on-the-go access to an attractive rate, points, and valuable on-property perks,” says Casey Ueberroth, chief marketing officer, Preferred Hotels and Resorts. “These enhancements are a testament to our continuous commitment to making iPrefer the most compelling loyalty programme for independent-minded travellers.”

Preferred Hotels and Resorts will introduce enhanced features for the app such as a concierge chat service that allows guests to communicate directly with the hotel or the ability for travellers to reserve services such as spa treatments that can be purchased using Reward Certificates.  

Giving customers continual interaction with the hotel members, allowing them to manage their stay from their phone is the most innovative way of customer retention schemes. Creating an app purely for your hotel system is genius, and had a high turnover of repeat guests- which is basically down to a full time

Put it this way- You knew you were going to travel and have the app, you are more likely to check the app for deals than to visit an online hotel website, right? Additionally, seeing yout customer-loyalty points rack up in front of your eyes, bingo, you want more!