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26 & 27 NOV 2019


Health-Driven Tech Restaurant Secures £1.5m of Crowdfunding in Just 24 Hours

Vita Mojo is the health-driven tech restaurant that’s taking the industry by storm. Founded by Nick Popovici, a former portfolio manager for Schroders, and his high school friend – and serial entrepreneur – Stefan Catoiu, the restaurant harnesses the power of technology to offer people healthier meal options which are tailored to meet their dietary requirements.

Personalised customer experience 

Vita Mojo is benefiting from providing an increasingly personalised customer experience, through offering their guests the choice of over 9bn meal combinations, which can be ordered in-store on an iPad or delivered via Vita Mojo’s app or web-portal.

Popovici has explained the benefits of adopting a personalised approach pointing out that offering such a personalised customer experience enables the restaurant to account for their customer’s ever-changing taste preferences which vary not only person to person but day-to-day. According to Popovici, the restaurant achieves this feat by allowing guests to select their food ''by flavour, by ingredient, by quantity, by macronutrients, by diet and by goals''.

The service requires a clever proprietary algorithm that learns to adapt to consumer needs, adjusting the quantities of the preferred ingredients to adapt to changing requirements – while also helping to reduce food wastage by 26 per cent.

Moving forward, the firm is franchising the software, so that other restaurants can provide a personalised customer experience. Popovici has said that, in the long term, this will serve to generate the most revenue as software is becoming an increasingly integral part of any restaurant business.

Quality is key

Vita Mojo hired Paul Davies, head chef for Tom’s Kitchen, to build the foundation for Vita Mojo’s selection, ensuring that menu is of the highest quality.

An awakening to the perks of good nutrition and healthy living is largely the driving force behind the restaurant’s innovative concept, with Popovici focusing on living a happier and healthier life, after finishing his career in the city.

Crowdfunding campaign

Popovici didn’t stray too far from the city though, choosing the Square Mile for Vita Mojo’s launch, a move made on the premise that many workers in the area would have limited time to take lengthy lunch breaks.

Impressively, the company launched a crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube, looking for £1.5m of investment to expand its operations, eclipsing the figure in just 24 hours. 

A matter of DNA

In order to further innovate their services, the firm has partnered with DNA Fit, a company that uses gene samples to enhance physical fitness and nutrition. Customers who wish to take up the DNA Fit service will be given a DNA saliva test, which will then be posted to its laboratories. When the results come back, Vita Mojo's algorithm then recommends meals that take into account your DNA, your goals and taste preferences.