Karl-Heinz Koch

MENU Technologies AG

Karl Heinz has founded three start-up companies in the software space, two of which are in the area of the Internet of Things (IoT). MENU is one of these companies that aims to lead the digital transformation in the F&B market by allowing guests to use their smartphones to order and pay inside and outside of restaurants. The other company, XPONIA, developed a digital wayfinding solution that connects the on- and the offline worlds through interactive mobile applications. Previously Karl Heinz has worked as a financial analyst in technology sectors. Since then he has been a passionate entrepreneur in the digital space and aims to facilitate everyone’s daily lives.

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Eliminating waiting times and lines in restaurants

Guests in restaurants wait up to 20 minutes before they can place orders and/or settle their bill. The service staff is not to be blamed, especially during peak hours. Waiting lines are entirely a story of the past thanks to mobile ordering from the table, enabled through either micro-location logic or push notifications. MENU’s mobile order &/or payment app has been designed to eliminate waiting times and lines in all types of restaurants