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Khazina Digital Signage

Digital Menu Board is now exploding in Takeaway Shops & Restaurants industry. It`s not only change the look of Takeaway but also engage the customer more affectively. Visually communicate your brand and message with digital signage. It enables you to broadcast your messages quickly and easily, locally and globally, to customers and employees—all from a central location. Whether your installation is one sign or a thousand`s Khazina provides the best & cost effective Digital Menu Board Solution for Takeaway Industry. Our menu board software and hardware is easy to use and plug n play. You don`t any technical knowledge to use Khazina Digital Menu Boards. Using Khazina digital menu boards you can update your menu boards in as many locations, on as many screens as you like with a single click, saving your time, money and resources. Our Solution provides a proven, affordable way to improve your business operationally, financially and environmental

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