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26 & 27 NOV 2019


Join The Revolution - UrAppPro

What sets apart the Ur App Pro ordering platform from the competition? 

● In-app notification system that restaurant and takeaway owners control.

● User database for direct marketing.

● Marketing support.

● Social Media Integration.

● Revolutionary aftermarket support.

● Tablet based owner application and software.

With many takeaway and restaurant owners looking for avenues to increase repeat business and engagement Ur App Pro have entered the market from a very different position. Building a team mixed with developers, marketing experts and design gurus Ur App Pro are looking to revolutionise the way customers and restaurants/takeaways interact. 

Their Project Director Steven Coutts highlights where he thinks the market is going

“With Ur App Pro we not only provide an app to our restaurants or takeaways and put it on the app store. We feel we have responsibility to pull customers and restaurants together and improve direct communication. Giving back control to restaurant and takeaway owners, whilst showing them the best ways to communicate with customers in the new world of technology to increase sales is what we aiming to achieve.”

Case Study: Dalgety Fish Bar

Dalgety Fish Bar approached the team at Ur App Pro as they were unhappy with the level of direct engagement between themselves and customers and felt that third party apps were restricting their business. After an initial meeting with Tony, the owner, the team at Ur App Pro put together an app and marketing plan that allowed Tony to take back control of his business. Their plan included implementing the following: 

● Bespoke User mobile application

● Custom built owner dashboard with full analytics

● A tablet preloaded with the owner dashboard

● Bluetooth printer for your orders

● Social media posters and marketing.

● Marketing material

The results have been there for all to see. With an increase in sales of £2,000 within the first month and over 500 app downloads over the android and apple market, Dalgety Fish Bar now have an active platform that allows them to target a growing customer database that they are in control of.


PHONE: 01383 661 255