Bohadana Shahar

Cookoo Studio

10 years of marketing, advertising, strategy & concept developing and branding in the culinary industry. More than 100 projects experience from all kinds: Street food markets, Chef restaurants, High-End bars, cooking school, coffee chains, steak-houses , butcheries, Asian restaurant chains, patisseries, Bakeries, Street food joints and more, including the Whiskey Bar & Museum (TLV), The Glenlivet whiskey & cigar pop up bar, Funculo pasta bar (L.A), Angus & Anguserie restaurant chain and more. Cookoo studio includes culinary experts, strategists, top designers, illustrators, typographers and creative people.

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Shifting your Brand creation project from outcome to income

Today, the only way to succeed in the hospitality industry is to create a true, unique story that presents a real experience besides good taste and service. Creating a strong 360 degrees concept is more important then great marketing and proper social activity. Its what generates revenues and bring new and returning customers. It includes your story, your DNA, your taste, visual identity, creative strategy and a lot more. We will introduce our methods of creating a one of a kind culinary brand.